About Cornerstone Church

Cornerstone Church is where you connect with Christ and with each other!

What We Believe

The name “Cornerstone Church” was chosen as it represents the ‘bedrock’ of our belief and the foundation of Jesus Christ. Everything we do is based on our commitment to the essentials of our faith and is in alignment with the Southern Baptist Convention’s Baptist Faith & Message, 2000 available here.

Independent and Autonomous
Every SBC church is independent and autonomous, so it is also helpful to know that at Cornerstone we believe the church exists first and foremost for the worship of God and Jesus Christ and manifests this worship through six key components: Prayer, Fellowship, Discipleship, Bible, Ministry, Evangelism.

Anthony Pranno, Senior Pastor
Mark Shupe, Church+/Men/Women/Small Groups
Lisa Weston, Finance/Office
Katheryn Pranno, Kids/Communications
Randy Sapp, Worship/Music
Alex Meade, Preteens
Mike Acree, Facilities/Security

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