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Overview of 1, 2, 3 John
Sept. 12 – October 31
Taught by Scott Franklin

This 8-week class will offer book and chapter overviews, with group discussion, of John’s three Epistles. Some of the topics addressed in these books include understanding the basics of salvation, learning what it means to grow in Christ-likeness, and the defining characteristics of a true believer in Christ.

A Journey Through Romans
Sept. 12 – Nov. 28
Taught by Joe Knox

A 12-week study of one of the most theological books in all the Bible. Discover in deeper measures the unfathomable gift of God’s grace and how to live a life that is set-apart for God’s greater purposes. Based on the video series by Max Lucado.

Marriage Check-Up
October 10 – Nov. 14
Taught by Rich and Shelly Howard

Couples will utilize the SYMBIS Relationship Assessment tool for a marriage refinement. Whether engaged, newlyweds or many years into your marriage, this highly acclaimed tool will provide insight and practical ways for improving the quality of your marriage relationship. The online assessment will be completed by each couple before the first class (results remain confidential) and topics from the assessment will be addressed during class.

Cost is $30 per couple for the assessment. SYMBIS created by Drs. Les and Leslie Parrott.


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