Don’t Forget

by Pastor Anthony Pranno

One day after Albert Einstein had moved to his home at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, New Jersey, the telephone rang in the office of the Dean of the Princeton Graduate School.  The voice at the other end inquired: “May I speak with Dr. Einstein, please?” 

Advised that he was not in, the voice continued, “Perhaps then you will tell me where Dr. Einstein lives?” The secretary replied that she could not do this, since Dr. Einstein wished to have his privacy respected. The voice on the telephone dropped to a near whisper, “Please do not tell anybody, but I am Dr. Einstein. I am on my way home, and have forgotten where my house is!”

Yes, even smart people can be forgetful! And amazingly, saved people can forget their Savior. This Sunday, we will be taking a look at how Jesus emphasized obedience to the law, but also how following him was much more than strict adherence to rules and regulations. Remember: mercy triumphs over judgment!

Have a blessed week and don’t forget to enjoy the last few weeks of fall. See you Sunday!


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