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A HOST is the person who coordinates and facilitates the group meetings. The HOST often will lead the group discussions; but can also choose to rotate or share this responsibility with other group members. In addition, the HOST will involve as many group members as possible in sharing group-facilitating responsibilities such as supplying refreshments, providing a meeting location, and tracking prayer requests. This helps to create a sense of shared ownership for all those in the group.

If you can do the following, then you can be a HOST:

Heart for people

Open a space

Share a snack

Take the Initiative

Once a week for four consecutive weeks, your group will gather for 60-90 minutes. During your gathering there is allotted time to welcome and greet each other, go over the small group lesson, and have ample time for group discussion.

The four-week study explores key relational skills that lead to effective community. Each lesson has a short video teaching segment that includes various Scriptures. In addition, there are related questions to guide the group discussion time.

All of the content can be found at This includes links to each video teaching and downloadable group discussion questions for each week.

Take some time and write down the names of people who are in your relational network. Think of family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, people you have met at church and people you share hobbies or interests with. Look over your list and extend an invitation.

If you are new to the church or the area, you might only know a few people. Start with those you know, then ask them whom they know, and before you know it, you will find plenty of people for your group. Your group does not have to be big in number—even finding two or three other people to go through the Small Group study will prove to be a meaningful time.

When you sign up to host a group, there is an option for “advertising” your group to others at Cornerstone Church who might be looking to join a group.

Decide as a group how you want to handle childcare. Here are some options to consider:

Each couple or individual gets a sitter for their kids to stay at their home.

People bring their kids with them to the meeting, but the kids are all in one designated room where a hired or volunteer sitter is supervising them. (Sometimes a group member will have a child who is old enough to supervise the other kids.)

Those with children all chip in and hire a sitter who cares for the kids at a nearby home.

Plan on facilitating the group discussion for the first session. After that, you can ask other group members to take a turn at leading the discussion times.

Additional Tips:

No. If you’re not comfortable praying aloud, you can ask if someone in the group would be comfortable starting and ending the group in prayer.

It is not necessary to know much about the Bible to HOST a group. You are not the Bible answer man or woman. Each small group lesson will guide people through Bible teachings and the group will offer their learning and insights with each other.

Six weeks. Your group might choose to add a seventh week as a celebration, but this is optional. Also, in your final week, each group member may decide if he or she desires to continue together with another study.

A sample meeting time would be as follows:

6:00 – 6:30 pm Welcome and gathering time with refreshments

6:30 – 7:30 pm Small group lesson and discussion questions

Fill out a Small Group Host card at church or online and begin to extend invitations for others to join your group.