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Saturday, June 18
9 am
Guest Speaker: Steve Stenstrom

Steve has served as the President of Pro Athletes Outreach (PAO) since February 1, 2010. For the past 11 years, he has found his calling from God fulfilled by serving the pro athlete community, specifically to pursue two intentional outcomes. First, that women and men in the world of pro sports would encounter Jesus and grow as His disciples. And second, that as those same women and men grow in their knowledge and understanding of God and His Kingdom, that they would maximize their eternal impact within their potential spheres of influence. 

Steve met his wife, Lori, at Stanford University, where they were both student-athletes, and they were married just a couple months before being drafted in the 1995 NFL Draft. After a six-year journey in pro football, the Stenstroms felt God’s clear call to serve in ministry back at Stanford among the student-athlete community on campus.

Steve and Lori have been married 26 years and have four children who have been their primary mission field, believing deeply that true Kingdom impact must begin in the home. Their greatest joy is watching all four, along with two who have married into the family, walk with Jesus and reflect His glory to a watching world. Together, Steve and Lori love mentoring and coaching young couples as they embark on life together as husband and wife.