Cornerstone Church is where you connect with Christ and with each other!

Bible Studies

Lunch Hour Bible Study with Pastors Anthony and Mark
Wednesday, February 15
12pm – 1 pm
Bring your own lunch and gather with other men to learn Scripture and build relationships.
Coffee and water provided.

Precept Ministries Coed Bible Study
Jan19-Mar2, 2023 (7 Sessions)
Leaders Scott & Cindy Franklin, 303-717-4452,

Please purchase workbooks directly from Precept at the website shown below.

Choose either Precept-upon-Precept (PUP, in-depth study) or In&Out (I&O, quicker study), both of which follow the same schedule. 

Workbook Lesson1 is an overview of Galatians and available free of charge below.




Complete workbooks to purchase

I&O $12.25 

PUP $15.75