Bound for Joy: Expectation

Pastor Anthony talked about what it means for a follower of Jesus to make Jesus the eager expectation and hope of his or her life. Philippians 1:21 was our theme verse, “For to me, to live is Christ and to die is gain.” We also looked at an acronym that helps us remember how to live for Christ: CHRIST. C = CENTER your life on Jesus; H = love God with all your HEART; develop a sincere and deep RELATIONSHIP with Jesus; I = surrender every area of your life to Christ, including your INCOME; S = find your SECURITY only in Christ; and T = make sure your TIME reflects a life where Jesus is your first priority.



More Sermons

Worship by Design: Undone

On Sunday we looked into Isaiah’s story, along with excerpts from the undone worship of both Jonah and Paul. Undone worship means coming to the end of ourselves so that God can restore us, heal us and send us into ministry!

Worship by Design: Unquenchable

This weekend we begin our new sermon series “Worship by Design.” Referencing a book by well-known worship leader Matt Redman, we will look at examples of unquenchable, undivided, & unstoppable worship as seen through the eyes and actions of prominent Bible figures. Explore with us how authentic worship is the kind of experience that taps into how God designed His people!

Summer of Psalms: Psalm 104

We conclude our Summer of Psalms series by looking at Psalm 104 and getting a first-hand glimpse into the beauty and splendor of God.