Jim Class: Favoritism

After James encourages believers to put their faith into practice, he gives them 3 examples. The first is to keep a tight rein on our tongues – a topic he will return to in chapter 3. The second is that we should be engaged in helping people who are outcasts or marginalized – like orphans and widows. The third example is illustrated in more detail: don’t show favoritism. In James 2:1-10, James warns against favoritism, gives an example of what it looks like, then explains why it doesn’t make sense in light of the Gospel.


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The Lord is My Shepherd

What does it mean for the Lord to be our Shepherd? According to David in Psalm 23, it means that we shall never be in want of anything. We will be made to slow down, quiet down, and sit down. Our souls will be restored and whole, like they were designed to be from the beginning. We shall not fear evil or death – no matter what we’re facing. Many of us know the Psalm… Let’s make sure we know the Shepherd.

What is Church? Part 3: Fellowship

The Christian life is meant to be full of fellowship… of sharing with and sharpening one another. The first-century church knew that and practiced it every day. If we do what they did, would God do what He did among us?


In Mark 8:34-35, Jesus gives clear instructions as to what will be required for anyone who wants to follow Him and be one of His disciples. Learn what it means to deny yourself and take up your cross in the daily flow of life in our modern day world.