Seek the Truth

Every year there’s the search for the perfect Christmas present… the fad, the craze, the newest, latest & greatest. Searching has become part of our American Christmas culture. But what if what we’re searching for is more significant that the gifts we buy at the mall. What if we’re seeking after truth? If we are, we’re in good company. The Magi from the Christmas story were doing the same thing… and they found the Truth in finding Jesus. On Sunday and for our next two times together, we’re going to find out what exactly the Magi did to find Jesus – and how we can do the same.


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The Kind of Person God Uses

In week two of a look at The Kind of Person God Uses, we discover the two relational traits of being Engaging and Curious.

The Kind of Person God Uses

Peter and John were ordinary and unschooled, but were courageous in their defense of their time with Jesus. May we follow the example of Peter and John and become the kind of people God uses.