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Jim Class: Submission to God

The word “submit” usually comes with baggage… people misinterpret the word to mean “be somebody’s slave” or “let someone take advantage of you.”

Jim Class: The Tongue

This section of James’ letter shows us a true faith in Christ will be displayed by restraining the words that proceed from our mouth.

Jim Class: Faith & Works

In today’s message we took a deep dive into the context of the relevant passages and discovered that James and Paul had very different audiences who were at different levels in their spiritual maturity. Both disciples' messages are actually very similar and complementary: we are not saved BY good works, but we are saved FOR good works.

Jim Class: Favoritism

In James 2:1-10, James warns against favoritism, gives an example of what it looks like, then explains why it doesn’t make sense in light of the Gospel.

Jim Class: Doers

In James 1:22, the author gave his readers a thesis that is repeated throughout the epistle and appears in one way or another throughout Scripture: "Do not merely listen to the word and so deceive yourselves. Do what it says."

Jim Class: Trials

James encourages believers to “consider it pure joy” when they face all kinds of trials and difficulties. What possible benefit could God have for introducing or allowing trials in our lives?

Before Christmas: God Will Be With Us

In continuing the “Before” Christmas series where we are looking at how prophecies spoken by the prophet Isaiah were fulfilled at the first Christmas, we discover the most remarkable and extraordinary event of all time.

Before Christmas: There Will Be Singing

There will be light. There will be peace. There will be celebration, singing and joy! These are some of the prophecies Isaiah wrote about almost 800 years before Christmas and were fulfilled in the birth, life, death and resurrection of Jesus.