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Reset: Sarah

Through the lens of Sarah’s life, we can clearly see that no matter the circumstance or our past choices,

Reset: Jacob

The only wrestling match recorded in Scripture! The patriarch Jacob grappled with the Almighty Jehovah and survived!

Reset: Thomas

In three separate and subtle interactions with Jesus, Jesus reset Thomas's courage, perspective, and faith.

Reset: Esther

We explored the story of a woman who embraced the unplanned events of her life as opportunities to make a lasting difference.

Reset: Balaam

Empty religiosity did not work for Balaam trying to impress God and it will not work for us either.

Reset: Peter

Jesus re-directed, re-named, and restored Peter through major life resets and he's ready to do the same for you!

Easter Outlaws A corrupt politician, a bloodthirsty mob, a treacherous murderer… and an innocent rabbi. What…