When Students Pray…

When Students Pray: 

Today I want to invite you into the praying heart of your student. I want to invite you to hear the voice of your children and grandchildren seeking after God as they prepare for another school year. I want to invite you to join them in these prayers, prayerfully come alongside our students and pray for them. 

Recently I asked our students on Sunday morning to share a prayer for themselves, their friends, or their school for this upcoming year.

Thank you for joining in prayer with this exciting generation. Let us never forget how God reached out to many of his most impactful leaders during their youth: King David, The prophet Samuel, the prophet Jeremiah, Joseph, Mary, and many more. 

God wants to do incredible things through the lives of these students and I know the God who hears your prayers will continue to protect and provide for them. 

Dear God, please come fill my school with your presence and your love and guide our leadership and faculty in the way you want us to go. Please let everyone know that they are not alone and build unity  in one another and give us the courage to speak out and stand up for what is right. Please use us as a vessel for your love and give us the opportunities to show your love to those who really need it. 

10th Grade, Lutheran High School 

I want to have many friends and for the new students to have a lot of friends. 

7th Grade, Southeast Christian School 

Lord, I would like you to help the kids at my school to be kinder and more encouraging to each other. I also want all the kids to be able to manage their school work and life outside of school because it can be hard to do that sometimes. 

9th Grade, Skyview Academy 

Lord, I pray that Your name become overwhelmingly present in my school. Let Your’s be a name that is praised by every student’s mouth. Help me to be a vital part of this transformation. Give me the strength to show and speak my faith. I ask that You watch over our school. Protect it from the evil that threatens it. Let each student and staff member know that they are loved by you. Help this school year to be a good one for everyone at this school. I ask that all these things are in your will. 

12th Grade, Cherry Creek High School 

My prayer request is for strength and guidance while starting college. Peace of knowing God is with me. Lifting up all colleges throughout the country and asking the Holy Spirit to fill every campus bringing college students everywhere to know Jesus and pursue a relationship with him. 

Freshman, University of Wyoming

I pray for my school’s happiness. It is no secret that many high school students feel alone or depressed, sometimes taking violent actions as a result. I pray that my fellow classmates and I would be able to reach out to each other and our underclassmen. I pray that I would have the strength and courage to share the gospel with my classmates as well. Who knows, we may be able to change someone’s high school career or entire life. 

12th Grade, Mountain Vista High School 

I pray that Highlands Ranch would be less materialistic in their wants and that people would be more focused on building each other up into better people. It would be great if you could move people to want a better community and for others to be built up, as opposed to people just focusing on themselves and how they can be happy, so that more people who need it could be built up. 

10th Grade, Highlands Ranch High School 

To eliminate the drug problem so that kids can get back on a path that leads them to success and to achieve their goals. Also, to help Christian teachers and students to have the courage to speak up more and spread their faith because there are quite a few Christians, it’s just only very few people ever talk about it or are open about it. 

12th Grade, Highlands Ranch High School 

In Jesus’ name, Amen. 


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