Worship by Design: Undignified

Have you ever thought that someone’s worship was “undignified”? What about King David dancing and leaping before the Lord? Consider the cultural practices of Middle Eastern noblemen and what happened with the Prodigal Son’s father. You could check out the 24 elders who prostrated themselves before the God’s throne in Revelation 4. There are many ways to worship… even the kinds that others might think are inappropriate. Don’t sweat it! Your worship is for God alone. Worship Him however He leads!


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The Christian Atheist

Our series, The Christian Atheist, is based on a book written by Craig Groeschel. We will be looking at what happens when we say we believe in God, but the way we live our lives tells a different story. Today’s introduction was: “When I believe in God, but aren’t sure I really know Him.”

Guest Speaker: Mark Sanborn

Mark Sanborn is an author, professional speaker, and entrepreneur. He speaks on the Leadership Lessons from the Life of David.

Worship by Design: Unstoppable

Our final Sunday in the series “Worship by Design” was called Unstoppable Worship. We respond to the relentless love of God for us with praise, courage and love.