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Before Christmas: Let There Be Light

This Sunday we launched our Christmas series called “Before Christmas.” For the Sundays leading up to Christmas, we will look at some prophetic statements from the book of Isaiah that were fulfilled at the very first Christmas.

Worship by Design: Undignified

Have you ever thought that someone's worship was "undignified"? There are many ways to worship... even the kinds that others might think are inappropriate. Your worship is for God alone. Worship Him however He leads!

Worship by Design: Unpredictable

How can our worship of God be unpredictable? Doesn’t God know everything? We read stories throughout the Gospels of people who did things no one expected in response to and worship of Jesus.

Worship by Design: Undone

On Sunday we looked into Isaiah’s story, along with excerpts from the undone worship of both Jonah and Paul. Undone worship means coming to the end of ourselves so that God can restore us, heal us and send us into ministry!