Cornerstone Church is where you connect with Christ and with each other!


Reconnect: Community

In one of the best New Testament passages describing the church (Hebrews 10:24-25), we get a picture of the community to which God has called us.

Reconnect: Service

Choosing to be a servant means relinquishing control of when, how, and what we do. We must make ourselves available and interruptible. We must lead, follow, and call others to join in.

Reconnect: Church

Our "Reconnect" series kicks off with some big questions: What is church? How did the church begin? What is the purpose of church? Finding out that church means "called-out and assembled" leads us to examining key New Testament passages.

God Behind the Scenes: Job

The Book of Job is both confusing and difficult to understand. It confronts the problem of pain & suffering while also painting a picture of an awesome and formidable God who we will never fully understand.

God Behind the Scenes: Elisha

Why does God seem to seem to operate the background? Is God actually hiding from us? What role does our faith play in seeing God? How does God reveal Himself in creation and in Jesus Christ?

God Behind the Scenes: Joseph

For the next few weeks we will take a closer look at the adventures of several Bible characters and discover how God worked in the background, orchestrating things for His glory and purposes. Join us as we discover how God is still at work today in the midst of our daily adventures.